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Nothing says home like a fireplace for apartments, townhomes and condos. Multi-family developers and home builders that delight residents with AVOLIER fireplace theaters will completely own the home maketplace.


Home is where the hearth is. One of the best narratives in history. The hearth is the center of the home. The social space where family and friends gather to spend time. The experience is enhanced with an AVOLIER fireplace theather.

AVOLIER fireplace theaters offer the architectural beauty of a traditional wood burning fireplace with a large screen, high definition theater. Perfect viewing height and eliminates the TV/fireplace dilemma. The ultimate fireplace with a theater experience everyday — all year long.


Extremely Safe. No health hazards, no fire hazards, no fire code restrictions, no annual inspections, no insurance premiums, no gas lines, no chimney, no vents, no ashes, no soot and most important — no maintenance!

AVOLIER fireplace theaters are the ultimate amenity upgrade for making multi-family homes simply irresistible. An exceptional fireplace plus a large screen, high definition theater.

AVOLIER fireplace theaters offer a revolutionary competitive advantage to attact and retain new residents. Specially designed for multi-family developers, home builders and interior designers.

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