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A Showplace Entertainment System is the perfect solution to add warmth, ambiance and excitement to your properties. With its real flame technology, high-definition, large screen TV and audio system, the Showplace Entertainment System will make your tenants' living room a fantastic place to relax, entertain, and enjoy the company of their guests and loved ones.


A Showplace offers the timeless architectural beauty of traditional wood burning fireplace utilizing a high definition, large TV screen. The ultimate home theater experience that provides warmth, ambiance and entertainment that can be used every day, throughout all the seasons.


Showplace is the focal point! The social space where the tenant's friends and loved ones gather for relaxation and entertainment. 

Benefits of a Showplace:

  • Extremely Safe. No fire hazards, no fire code restrictions, no annual inspections, no insurance cost, no gas lines, no chimney, no vents, no dust, no emissions, fumes or any health hazards and most important – no maintenance!

  • The ultimate amenity for making every home a luxury experience. Perfect for renovating older multi-family homes making any home stand out from the competition.

  • Showplaces features bluetooth wireless speakers and earphones; residents can enjoy entertainment without disturbing others.


  • Showplaces offer a revolutionary marketing advantage for multi-family developers and home builders to attract and retain new residents and home buyers.


If you are looking for an exclusive feature to add luxury, excitement and value to your properties, a Showplace Entertainment System is the perfect solution. 


Contact us today to learn more about how cost effective and easy it is to add Showplaces to multi-family properties.

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