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Interior Design and Smart Homes


Attracts and retains tenants who love fireplaces. Multi-family developers and home builders featuring fireplace TV theaters can dominate the home market.


Fireplaces are the center of any home. However, our fireplace TV theaters are so flexible they can be repositioned or removed and reinstalled in a heartbeat.

The revolutionary fireplace TV theater offers the timeless architectural beauty of a traditional wood burning fireplace with a high definition, large screen TV theater – an entertainment experience enjoyed every day, throughout the year.


Extremely Safe. No health hazards, no fire hazards, no fire code restrictions, no annual inspections, no insurance premiums, no gas lines, no chimney, no vents, no smell, no dust and most important — no maintenance!

Fireplace TV theaters. The ultimate upgrade for making every multi-family home a luxury home. Perfect for renovating older multi-family homes to attract and retain new tenants. 

Fireplace TV theaters. Truly a revolutionary marketing advantage for attracting and retaining quality tenants. No other amenities offer more value.

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